Doggie Daycare

If you want to drop your pup off for the day while you go to work or just want your pup to burn some energy, bring him to The Farm. We offer doggie daycare Monday-Friday, 7am-5:30pm. You can drop your dog off or pick up anytime between those hours.

A full day of daycare is $20.00 a day. A half day of daycare is $14.00 a day. A half day is anything 4 hours or less, and a full day is anything more than 4 hours, no exception.

Our doggie daycare is any week day, rain or shine! We have a big 3,000 square foot outdoor run for just the daycare dogs with plenty of toys and obstacles for them to play on! We also have an indoor 900 square foot play area, in case of bad weather. Our daycare package includes play time all day with the exception of a 1 hour break and nap time for the pups. We can also feed the dogs at this time or we can give kong treats with peanut butter for a snack. This allows the dogs to rest and take a breather before playing again. Depending on weather (heat or cold), we will be in and out all day long with the daycare dogs. In order for your dog to be in our doggie daycare, he or she must pass our evaluation exam. We will test your dogs temperament and personality, physical condition, as well as how well your dog does in a crate. During nap time for the day care dogs, the dogs will be placed in individual, appropriately sized kennels with beds, separated from the others so all the dogs can rest. If at anytime we feel your dog needs a break from the others throughout the day, they will be placed in a kennel for a period of time. The daycare dogs are never left without supervision and someone will be with the group at all times.

We also offer daycare package discounts, see below:

10 Days

Buy 10 days of full or half day daycare and get 1 free day!


20 Days

Buy 20 days of full or half day daycare and get 3 free days!


30 Days

Buy 30 days of full or half day daycare and get 5 free days!


Call for any special requests on pick up times, or any other questions or concerns, fees may apply.

(765) 279-6001