Going out of town and need a place where your cat will be comfortable and at ease? The Farm is the perfect place! We have 3x3x7ft, three story cat condos available!  There is plenty of room for your cat to move around and relax. Each individual cat condo also has a window for your kitty to lay in the sun or watch the birds outside. We've got bird feeders out their windows so your cat will be entertained throughout his or her whole stay. 

Overnight cat boarding is $15.00/night! This package includes 1 thorough cleaning of their condo everyday and the litterbox cleaned out twice a day (or more depending on the mess). If your cat is very social and needs the human interaction, we also offer play time, twice a day for $3.00/day extra. If your kitty needs medicine daily, we charge $5.00 extra per day to give medicine. We will only give medicine that is prescribed with paperwork from your Vet's office. Call with any special needs or questions! 

We also will keep your exotic animals (with exceptions)! Have a guinea pig, rabbit, bird, etc and need someone to watch them as well? We will keep them at our place and take care of them for you for $9.00/night!